System Professional Repair Mask - 200ml

System Professional Repair Mask - 200ml

System Professional
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Deep Hair Strengthener

Smoothness and combability. Visibly healthier hair.

Target Group:
For those with highly damaged, brittle and sensitised hair, medium to coarse texture. Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair. The mask is the ideal intense treatment for those who take their time to care for their hair.

The mask intensively nourishes damaged hair and protects the hair fiber. The active complex reduces breakage, strengthens and deeply repairs the hair after just one application. Additionally it provides smoothness and manageability to damaged hair, to help prevent further mechanical damage.

After shampooing with a System Professional Shampoo, use 25g of the mask and apply with a brush directly on the hair, avoiding the scalp. Gently massage with one of the System Professional massage techniques and leave for 5 minutes. If used with infusions, mix thoroughly and apply on the hair. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.